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INDEE, one single echo/one single resounding sound: independence


INDEE is about guiding young girls towards independence, audacity and freedom, about allowing them to express themselves freely.


This is the message the Belgian designer duo behind INDEE wants to transmit to today's teenage girls. The brand's name refers to a new generation of independant young girls who want to dress exactly how they feel. Mothers to hyper-connected teenage girls brimming with ideas themselves, the two designers have elaborated their project in constant interaction with them.


The collection, ranging from 8 to 18 year, is characterised by bright colours and edgy, pop-inspired prints. 


By blending influences, colours and prints, the brand aims to surprise girls by suggesting styles and combinations they might not have thought of themselves. In short, INDEE wants to surprise them but also help them surprise themselves by discovering their own individuality and uniqueness.


INDEE is that little phrase any young girl should get to hear: clothing should be about fun.